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Crust Pizza is celebrating 21 years of pizza goodness in Australia by bringing back four favourite flavours from the archives, including the controversial cult favourite: the Peppered Pineapple Pizza.

The Peppered Pineapple Pizza has a unique flavour profile and while it is an unusual combination and ignites the age-old debate of whether pineapple belongs on a pizza, it has made its way back onto the Crust Pizza menu for a limited time only alongside the White Prosciutto, Philly Steak and Satay Chicken pizzas.

Crust Pizza General Manager Jon Paul Partyka said the comeback flavours are a trip down memory lane for pizza lovers around the country and are a celebration of the quality produce, fresh ingredients and exciting flavour combinations that Crust customers know and love.

“We’re excited to bring back some of our most-loved flavours from the Crust Pizza menu and once again spark the age-old debate on whether pineapple really should belong on a pizza.”

“Our Peppered Pineapple Pizza has always been a favourite of mine, and although it sparks a heated debate on whether pineapple should be on a pizza, I love that this flavour combination nails it and settles the score once and for all, in a really unexpected way.”

“Our focus has always been on providing quality produce and innovation in the pizza industry, and our 21st birthday range is a celebration of where we have been, and where we are heading next.”

The Peppered Pineapple Pizza is part of the Crust Pizza 21st Birthday range, and is the perfect combination of peppered pineapple, caramelised onion and baby spinach served on a sweet chilli base and garnished with aioli and fresh basil.

Over the years, Crust Pizza has proudly transformed pizza from a basic fast food to an authentic culinary experience and serves 3 million customers each year, thanks to a focus on quality and innovation across its 131 stores around the country.