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This November, Brumby’s Bakery is pleased to announce its renewed partnership with Movember, a globally recognized charitable initiative. Movember is a remarkable community comprising passionate individuals, known as Mo Bros and Mo Sisters, who are dedicated to effecting positive change in the domains of mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

We are thrilled to share that our collaboration with Movember last year received an overwhelmingly positive response. Brumby’s Bakery stores wholeheartedly supported this cause by adorning their distinctive sandwich loaves with the iconic ‘Mo’ symbol, thereby raising crucial awareness for men’s mental health. This year, we are committed to further solidifying our partnership with Movember and are launching delicious new Movember products.


Our traditional shortbread has been levelled up with the addition of caramel fudge pieces with a delicious ‘choc Mo’ providing the finishing touch. Made with a crunchy biscuit crumb and infused with the creamy caramel goodness flavour of Biscoff spread. Enjoy the nutty flavour of toasted almond flakes and desiccated coconut to give you a bite of heaven in every ball. A decadent treat for those with a sweet tooth! Made with a crunchy biscuit crumb base, desiccated coconut, diced dates and caramel fudge pieces, for a chewy and gooey surprise in every bite


In a testament to this commitment, Brumby’s Bakery will be contributing $1 from the sale of every Movember Loaf, Shortbread, or Ball to the Movember foundation. We invite you to join us in a shared mission of ‘baking a difference’ by breaking bread with your companions, be they friends, sons, fathers, or partners.

To ensure that our message reaches every corner of the country, our campaign will be prominently featured in our stores as well as through targeted digital advertising channels online. The funds generated from the sale of Mo Products will be channelled into critical men’s health projects and initiatives, making a significant impact on the preservation of lives. Together, we can change the face of men’s health.