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Recent consumer insights and brand health tracking data has shown us that our consumers are hungry for more health focused options when it comes to bread loaves. When surveying our Brumby’s Reward Club members, the top responses included bread loaves that are high in protein and / or fibre.

In response, Brumby’s will be launching a national campaign on 18 September that focuses on 3 loaves in the Brumby’s range which deliver ‘bread with benefits’ for customers looking to get more from their local bakery.

Read on for details.



The High Fibre Low GI Loaf, one of Brumby’s most loved products and perfect for school lunches. The High Fibre Low GI Loaf tastes just like a traditional white bread, however is full of fibre for healthy digestion and is low GI for longer lasting energy.


The Mega Protein Loaf, packed with 13.8g protein per 100g, which is over 60% more protein than a standard white loaf. This loaf is perfectly suited to those who maintain an active lifestyle and are looking to add additional protein to their diet.


Customers with sensitivities to standard bread loaves rejoice! Brumby’s Quinoa & Linseed Loaf is Monash University Low FODMAP CertifiedTM giving customers the option to enjoy bread, whilst following a low FODMAP diet.


Launching on the 18th September, the campaign will be promoted nationally across multiple channels including digital, out-of-home advertising, podcasts social media, eDM and exclusive offers available via the Brumby’s Rewards Club app..