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The Tim Tam Chiller is Back!

Gloria Jean’s is excited to announce that we have partnered with Arnott’s to bring back the Tim Tam Chiller.

Gloria Jean’s Marketing Manager Amy Page noted that Tim Tams are the most popular chocolate biscuit in Australia and an iconic Aussie treat.

“We are thrilled to relaunch this popular beverage within the network! Arnott’s Tim Tam has a unique combination of contrasting layers of milk chocolate, biscuit and cream, the perfect mix for a Gloria Jean’s Chiller.”

“The Tim Tam Chiller was a favourite amongst our customers in 2019, and we have heard their calls to bring this great product back!” she said.

So, get back in stores from the 7th of November to wrap your tastebuds around the all-new improved recipe with Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit that will have you coming back for more!

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