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Tim Tam Slam & Gloria Jean’s Signature Hot Chocolate Range

Gloria Jean’s is excited to help customers warm up this Winter !

Have you done the Tim Tam Slam? We are excited to announce that Gloria Jean’s have partnered with Arnott’s to give you the Tim Tam Slam. So warm up your taste buds this winter and show us how you do the slam!

Gloria Jean’s Signature Hot Chocolate will be a strong focus for the brand this winter, the range will feature a Classic Hot Chocolate, Creamy Hot Chocolate and White Hot Chocolate and, will go back to the heart of what Gloria Jean’s does best – creating signature flavours that have their consumers wanting more!

Did you know that Gloria Jean’s has 10 signature syrups to give your morning coffee that little bit extra – so next time you’re in store add a syrup or, extra shot of coffee for $1 to put an extra step into your day!

See you in-store at your nearest Gloria Jean’s soon!