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Winter is… HERE! And so is the ultimate Taste Of Comfort from Crust!

It’s time to pull out the heated blanket, pour yourself a comforting cuppa and Curl Up With Crust this chilly season in the coziness of your couch.

With seasonally rich themed delights like the Smokey Beef Brisket, Pepper Chicken Deluxe and BBQ King Oyster Mushroom, everyone is in for a treat this couch season!

Whilst it’s the priority, Crust is seeking to do more than just warm the bellies of pizza lovers this Winter! The delicious Taste of Comfort range incorporates seasonally themed ingredients for the Winter trading period to leverage “staying in” consumer behaviours, whilst focusing on freshness to create irresistible tasting pizzas.

So… what you’ve all been waiting for, introducing everyone’s favourite comfort delights:

  • SMOKEY BEEF BRISKET – 18hr slow cooked seasoned beef brisket with smashed sweet potato and shallots on a tomato base, finished with BBQ maple glaze and pickled onion.
  • PEPPER CHICKEN DELUXE – House cooked chicken, roasted sweet potato, green capsicum and caramelized onions on a tomato base, finished with pepper mayo, parmesan cheese and fresh herbs.
  • BBQ KING OYSTER MUSHROOM – King Oyster Mushrooms seasoned with smokey dry rub with shallots and Spanish onion on a BBQ base, topped with garlic aioli and fresh slaw.

Are you ready to Curl Up With Crust?