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Brumby’s National Donut Day campaign aimed to increase awareness of our product range and bring new customers to our stores. From deliciously tempting gourmet flavours to widespread giveaways, this campaign left no donut lover unsatisfied.

The highlight of the campaign was the introduction of three new gourmet donut flavours, guaranteed to tantalize taste buds. The Apple Crumble and Custard donut, infused with warm apple and velvety custard, delighted customers with every bite. The Vanilla Slice donut, capturing the essence of our top selling sweet slice, provided a nostalgic treat for donut enthusiasts. And who could resist the Lamington-inspired donut, combining jam, chocolate, and coconut? Brumby’s truly elevated the donut experience.

To celebrate national donut day, which took place on Friday, June 2nd, every Brumby’s store gave away 50 free donuts. This giveaway was heavily promoted in the lead up to the day to build hype and ultimately drive new people to the brand.

The campaign included a strategic marketing mix that engaged a wide audience. Targeted social media advertising reached donut enthusiasts within close proximity to Brumby’s stores, while influencer collaborations added a touch of authenticity and excitement. National radio advertising created buzz and anticipation, while targeted Google display advertising ensured Brumby’s was on everyone’s radar. Lastly, in-store and in-centre point-of-sale materials further enhanced the campaign’s visibility and impact.

As the donut craze continues, Brumby’s remains at the forefront, delivering irresistible treats that leave a lasting impression.