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As the holiday season approached, Brumby’s Bakery prepared to delight its customers with a delicious array of festive treats during Christmas 2022. Alongside the traditional Christmas favourites, such as Fruit Mince Tarts, Christmas Puddings, and mini-Christmas Cakes, Brumby’s Bakery introduced a range of new, sweet slices to capture the essence of the season. Lemon Coconut, Blueberry Cheesecake and Raspberry White Choc Cheesecake slices were introduced during the summer and festive period as the perfect ‘what to bring’ sweet occasion.

To complement the Christmas table, Brumby’s highlighted their range of specialty breads and rolls, handcrafted to enhance the festive dining experience. Moreover, with rolls perfect to cater to post-Christmas leftovers, to ensure that no culinary delight went to waste. Guided by the spirit of sharing and celebration, Brumby’s aspired to make the Christmas season truly special for their valued customers, blending timeless classics with new slices of holiday magic.

The campaign was supported in-store with Point-of-Sale merchandised in prominent positions, social media ambassadors and posts, plus emails to the Brumby’s Rewards Club members. The campaign resulted in increased same store sales (+8.5%), increased customer count (+3.6%) and increased ATV (+4.8%) when compared to the same period the prior year.

The campaign was supported by a radio ad positioned within prime placement for maximum reach. This was further backed with YouTube advertising, Waze advertising to help send traffic to stores and build brand awareness. In addition, the brand utilised a Mastercard spend promotion whereby customers got $5 back when they spent $20. Lastly, underpinning the above activity was a targeted social media campaign utilising influencers and a mix of content on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.