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Donut King launches a new coffee offering to meet the changing tastes of customer.

Australia 8 March 2021: After 40 years of being famous for being the home of the hot cinnamon donut, the famous ‘pink beacon’ of food courts and shopping malls, Donut King, is making some fresh changes to its coffee offering.

Committed to providing consumers with the best experience, Donut King is embarking on a number of changes in-store including a brand-new coffee range.

Understanding that customer tastebuds are changing, Donut King has introduced a new premium 100% arabica coffee blend to its stores (available from March 8th nationwide). Crowned Donut King’s ‘best bean ever’, the new full bodied and rich coffee boasts flavours including chocolate, roasted nuts and cacao. The range includes Cappuccino, Flat white, Latte, Long black, Macchiato and Mocha.

Daniel Donnelly, Marketing Manager at Donut King said “For nearly 40 years, we have been growing along with our customers and as your tastebuds have changed, so have ours.

“At Donut King we are all about the overall experience and that has been at the heart of our decision to change our coffee beans. The feedback from those of you who were lucky to enjoy a sneak peek of our new blend say it’s a smoother, sweeter flavour and our ‘best bean ever’!

We are looking forward to our customers experiencing Donut King’s new coffee and continuing to be a place for the young and the young at heart.”