Michel’s Bundaberg Franchisee Hailed ‘Queen of Cakes’ 


Bundaberg’s very own Queen of Cakes Stefanie Hale is being swamped for orders across her delicious range of cakes, and her business isn’t showing any sign of slowing despite widespread reports across the Bundaberg region of a declining retail market.


Stefanie says that her store has experienced an unprecedented start to the sales year with orders through the roof particularly for one of her signature speciality cakes which is causing her customers to salivate.


She says the secret lies within the numbers…and carrots.


“12, 99, 1500. These are the magic digits behind our recent sales boom. And carrots…People are catching on to the secrets of the humble root vegetable.”


“The carrot has long been touted as a delicious vege for dinner and thrown into your lunch time salad, but it goes so much further than that. It’s a weight loss friendly food and linked to many health benefits including eyesight,” says the Cake Queen.


Full of antioxidants, vitamins and fibre, it came as little surprise to the store owner that many of her customers kept coming back for her own favourite, the carrot cake, and of course accompanied by coffees – and lots of them, with reports estimating nearly 1,500 last month.


“We’ve sold 99 carrot cakes in recent weeks – that’s a lot of carrot. It’s our best seller and ahead of Easter madness next month, it looks likely those numbers will double across April.”


“Our customers are always looking for fresh and healthy options and this has been one way for us to deliver. We’ve brought back the freshly made sandwiches and salads each morning, and the fresh carrot cake option has been a real winner.”


Growing up, Stefanie was always surrounded by food. Her father was a gourmet chef and her mother managed a cafe, and she was always introduced to new ways of cooking and making coffee.


“Before I became a franchisee I was in property renovation for more than six years and worked in the local post office. I loved my jobs but I really wanted to find a business that would give me more independence.”


“I looked at many different franchise options and then I came across Michel’s and I knew it was the right brand for me to grow with. Growing up around food with parents who shared that passion gave me those baby steps to one day owning my own restaurant. And here we are!”


Today, both Stefanie’s daughters aged 15 and 17 are reliving the same ‘baby steps’ as they work alongside her in store.


“We’re a team of 12 here at Michel’s Bundaberg and we are like family. We treat each other as one and we all value customer service.”


“It has been so rewarding teaching the ropes to our team and especially as a mum to help build the confidence of my girls with their skills in business…And our customers can pick the resemblance but they often say I’m ‘too young to have teenage daughters’,” she says laughing.


Stefanie says that sometimes she forgets she’s a business owner as she knows everyone like her second family.



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