New Group CEO, Richard Hinson has just completed a National Roadshow meeting nearly 700 franchisees. He listened, answered questions and outlined his new vision for the company. The results of the Post Roadshow Survey are in and the good news is that almost 80% of franchisees support the new direction of the company. 3% were unsupportive and the remainder were neutral. Almost 200 franchisees responded to the survey.

The key points of Richards plan include:

  • Simplifying the business from five pillars into three – franchise, coffee, and manufacturing and distribution.
  • More effectively integrating past acquisitions to improve Group outcomes and performance for franchisees.
  • Improving integration between head office, in-field operations and franchisees.
  • Streamlining supply chain across Brand Systems to better leverage Group buying power. National distribution tender to streamline supply chain – reduce from 16 distributors to one or two
  • Sharing best practice and positive franchisee and consumer experiences.

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