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Pizza Capers Unveil their First Ever Vegan Range!


Award-winning gourmet pizza brand, Pizza Capers, has unveiled its first ever vegan range this week. As one of the first major pizza players to include a Vegan range on their menu, the brand has again showcased its true commitment to innovation.


Pizza Capers General Manager Sunny Olak said the brand has seen an increase in interest from customers towards Vegan-friendly products, and wanted to embrace this trend without compromising on their famous  generous toppings and crave-able pizza flavors .


“We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating new products based on customers’ preferences and current food trends,” Sunny said.


“As a result of our passion for all things pizza, we put our heads together and have come up with a number of Vegan menu options that simply cannot be matched by our competitors in either quality or taste.”


Containing no meat or animal products and no dairy or egg products, Pizza Capers is serving up a mouthwatering Sweet Potato Vegan Lovers Pizza, which can be paired with an assortment of Vegan-friendly Calzones including Garlic & Fresh Rosemary, Classic Garlic and Sweet Chilli.


It doesn’t stop there for Pizza Capers fans; customers also have the option to add Vegan Cheese as a customisable topping to other Capers pizzas.


“We’re not only ticking the box for Vegans but also for those who are lactose sensitive,” Sunny said.


The Sweet Potato Vegan Lovers Pizza features sweet potato, button mushrooms, crushed garlic, pizza sauce and vegan cheese, garnished with rosemary, salt flakes and sweet chilli sauce. It exemplifies all the flavour sensations!


“In true Pizza Capers style, the new Vegan option is loaded with fresh, quality ingredients; it’s enough to entice even the biggest meat lovers!” Sunny said.


Since its first opening in Kenmore, Brisbane in 1996, Pizza Capers has become one of Australia’s leading gourmet pizza makers. To find out more about Pizza Capers, go to:  


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About Pizza Capers

Award-winning Pizza Capers delivers high quality, great value, crave-able gourmet pizza to the market and they have fun doing it! All the ingredients on the Pizza Capers menu are individually sourced to ensure they are the absolute highest quality, regardless of geographical barriers. Pizza Capers is part of Australia’s largest multi‐food franchise operator Retail Food Group (RFG).