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Health Trend Continues for Authentic Sourdough Lovers


Winter has just gotten a whole lot warmer with the new additions to Brumby’s Bakery’s very popular Authentic Sourdough range; flavoursome Sourdough Rye, aromatic Turmeric & Lentil Sourdough and spicy Choc Chilli Sourdough.

There’s no denying that Australians are more health conscious than ever, with interest in functional health foods continuing to grow, and the bakery becoming a really important source for healthy, creative and tasty alternatives.  

With growth in the specialty category up by 10% since the introduction of Brumby’s Bakery’s Authentic Sourdough range last year, Brand Manager Tom Elliott says customers are relishing another alternative to the humble sandwich loaf.

“Brumby’s focuses on providing families with home-grown goodness; since its introduction last October, our Authentic Sourdough range has proven to be very popular with customers looking for a healthy bread option,” Tom said.

“Our Artisan range is one of the highest selling ranges across our bakeries and has been drawing attention in the marketplace.

“This has prompted us to further extend the offering, with the introduction of our Sourdough Rye, Turmeric & Lentil, and Choc Chilli Authentic Sourdough loaves.”

Brumby’s current Artisan range includes the Traditional Sourdough Loaf, and the Fig and Walnut Sourdough.

“The popularity of the range is further proof that customers are demanding a consistent, quality and authentic product,” said Tom.

“Our Authentic Sourdough range is made with levain culture, an active bacteria that must be fed flour and water each day in order to survive. The baking process is quite complex which is why our bakers call it a labour of love.”

Each new Sourdough loaf will come packaged with a recipe on the bag to help customers get creative in the kitchen.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to share the Sourdough experience with our customers,” he said.


“We encourage lovers of Sourdough to go to our website and try our specialised new ‘Winter Warmer’ recipes, including our Chicken Marrakesh with Turmeric & Lentil Sourdough or our Garlic, Mushrooms & Ricotta on Rye Sourdough Toast.”

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