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Heartkids Partnership

HeartKids Australia is a not for profit organisation that is focussed on improving the lives of children with Childhood Heart Disease and their families. HeartKids works to raise awareness, provide support, advocate for the needs of children with Childhood Heart Disease and their families and fund research.

We are a proud principal partner of HeartKids and our fundraising ensures they can continue to provide support, encouragement and hope to families of children with Childhood Heart Disease, while raising awareness of this chronic condition.

Through our Australian fundraising activities held at Donut King, Brumby's Bakeries, Michel's Patisserie, bb's café, Esquires, Big Dad's Pies, Pizza Capers and Crust Gourmet Pizza RFG has raised more than $1.2 million the past 2 ½ years for HeartKids.

The money raised has enabled HeartKids to increase the practical and emotional support provided to families all over Australia, both in and out of hospital, like the Zach who was born with Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome.

His mother Adena Foster said the support of corporate partners like RFG meant there was hope at the end of a slow and bumpy journey.

"Zach's story was one of many highs and lows but the support HeartKids provides us was nothing short of outstanding. They were there after every operation to provide emotional support and assistance when it counted," Adena said.

"Through the generous donations from corporate partners like RFG, HeartKids can continue to provide much needed support and also raise awareness of Childhood Heart Disease." 

HeartKids Australia CEO Jann Kingston said the $1.2 million ensures more children and their families were able to be supported during difficult times.

Community Initiatives

We have more than 1,300 locally owned and operated outlets across eight countries and our franchisees love to get involved with their local community.

From supporting local sporting team to assisting in community fundraising events, our teams are committed to supporting the local areas in which they operate.

If you have a have a community initiative which you would like support with please visit your local store or get in touch with us via our ‘contact us’ <include link> page.

RFG’s Sustainability Initiatives

Retail Food Group remains committed to reducing our impact on the environment and realising the many ecological, social and economic benefits. We ask that all staff members committed to not only to our workplace changes but take this commitment out into their day to day activities.

Our Green initiatives include:

  • Reducing power consumption
  • Reducing paper wastage
  • Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle ideas for our outlets